Yes, that title is totally clickbait, but it’s also totally true. I’m about to drop the absolute most effective way to both acquire and showcase developer skills. No other method or methodology is as effective. Here’s my secret:

Stop attempting big, personal projects. Do a ton of “micro-projects.”

Not convinced? Here are 3 simple facts:

1. Big projects waste your time

It sucks to admit, but you’ll probably never finish that big personal software project. While it’s certainly possible and some devs certainly do it, statistically that probably ain’t you. Life is rather distracting, and we devs always seem to run out of _steam_ on such things. I have about 30 or so private Github repos…

Go straight to the Github Repo

The need to properly size and optimize images within web and app content is such a common problem that there are numerous — if not seemingly innumerable — solutions out there. Generally, you’ll find this to be just one feature of Digital Asset Managers (or DAMs), like Cloudinary, Widen, and Bynder. These services also provide many more primary features — proofing, approval workflows, asset organization, content localization, slick UIs, etc. — and you’ll pay handsomely. What if I don’t need all of that, and just want to be able to dynamically (at request time) resize images?

The need to properly…

Horace Shmorace

Senior Director, Engineering. Principal full-stack. AWS Certified. Scrum Certified. Serverless Ninja. Crafter of Dapps. Minter of NFTs.

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